Frequently Asked Questions

Listing a space

Listing a space on Spacemarket is free! It is also free to accept applications and find tenants. We don’t charge a percentage of the rent, or a listing fee, or limit the number of spaces you can list.

When you list a space, you’ll be asked to set a maximum capacity. Potential tenants will form groups of this size before they apply to rent, so make sure you choose a number that is both realistic, and would be comfortable for your tenants if a group that large moved in. If your space has desks, this number may be the number of desks in the space. If you’re listing open studio space, make a best guess on how many people could work safely and comfortably together.

When you accept an application from a potential tenant, your contact details will be shared with the tenant. It’s up to you and your new tenants to get in touch and organise the rental agreement.

You can list as many spaces as you want on Spacemarket.

Renting a space

We realised it was hard for founders and creatives to find a space to rent when they’re on their own and don’t have a big enough budget to take over an entire space. We created our group system to pair you up with other people who want to rent the same space. When you decide to rent with others, you’ll be matched with an existing group if one exists. If you’re the first, Spacemarket will gradually add other people to your group until you either reach the full capacity of the space, or you and your group decide to ‘commit to rent’.

On occasion there may be someone in your group that you’d prefer not to rent withThere are two ways you can do this.  Firstly, you can put it to a vote by clicking on the person’s profile and hitting the Vote to Kick button.  You only need one other member to agree for the change to take place.  Secondly, you can remove yourself from the group by clicking on your own profile.

Sometimes it’s nice to see people’s social media profiles, or more information about them, but through testing we realised that the best indicator of compatibility is behaviour and manners in group chat. It’s really easy to tell if a group of people are right for you by talking to them, and reading their introductions. So have a conversation and ask lots of questions to your group before committing to rent.

The landlord will see your application, and have 48 hours to make a decision. If your application is approved, you will receive their contact information and be able to begin the process of making a rental agreement offline.